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Kobe Bryant: Successful surgery, motivated patient

We all know Kobe as the ultimate competitor. The orthopedic surgeon who repaired his achilles tendon rupture yesterday expects him to be back some time next season. I would guess we might expect to see him some time in early 2014, perhaps after the All-Star break. Will he return to the high-flying Kobe form of a few years ago? Doubtful, as we have already seen those explosive drives only sporadically in occasional outbursts over the past few years. I would expect that he returns as a jump-shooter who can still get his own shot off when needed, but doesn’t take it to the hole too often. Though players have returned to the court after an achilles injury, regaining explosiveness at his age would be more or less unprecedented. Dominique Wilkins was athletically similar at the time of his achilles injury, and though he did return for a few seasons he was clearly a different type of player. Still, there is no accounting for drive and desire, and Kobe has no shortage of these.


Written by Vishal Michael Shah, M.D.

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