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Better than Steroids? Check out the “Stanford Glove” | www.SportsDocShah.com
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Better than Steroids? Check out the "Stanford Glove"


Researchers at Stanford University have patented a cooling process which increases recovery after exercise and thus training capacity  that rivals and actually exceeds even the training effects of anabolic steroids. Imagine the results that have thus far only been possible with doping without violating any rules and most importantly without jeopardizing your body with the dangerous side effects and stigma associated with steroid use. This device, initially referred to as The Stanford Glove,  is early in its commercial iterations and form but has already been put to the test and is being used by professional sporting organizations such as the San Francsico 49ers and Manchester United Soccer Club. These are glowing endorsements to say the least, with proven results, but then again the Oakland Raiders were also early adopters. While the training benefits have been eye-opening so far, researchers are also optimistic about the potential of this technology to treat serious life-threatening conditions faced by athletes and other patients including heat exhaustion, heat stroke, and hyperthermia syndromes.

Written by Vishal Michael Shah, M.D.

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